Welcome to the Support page of LeadsGO. Here you will find videos, presentatsion, frequently asked questsions (and answers) and release notes. IUf you do not find what you are looking for plase Contact Us.

VIDEOS (top)

A new version of the LeadsGO App was released on the 24th December 2023, below see a quick walk through of the app,

For overview videos, select from the once below (1. Scope and Flow 2. Why LeadsGO 3. Solution Demo),

For more detailed videos, select from the once below (1. Get Started 2. ToDo (Account Config) 3. Mobile App 4. Mobile App - ACT 5. Web - Standard User),

Below I have also made a detailed video about the Back-Office functionality.


An overview of available presentations of Leads Management and the LeadsGO portfolio.

# Description Link
1 Gives an introduction to the logic and reasoning behind LeadsGO Leads Management with LeadsGO - The Story (Eng)
2 Presents an overview of LeadsGO Leads Management Process, Value Chain and Solution Leads Management with LeadsGO - Overview
3 Gives an insight as to how to get started with LeadsGO Leads Management with LeadsGO - Get Started
4 Gives an insight as to how to implement LeadsGO successfully in a bigger organization Leads Management with LeadsGO - Implementation
5 Shows a 1-page Value Proposition of Leads Management with LeadsGO Leads Management with LeadsGO - Value Proposition
6 Shows a 1-page overview of Process flow (bucket logic, status) Leads Management with LeadsGO - Process, Buckets and Statuses



 How do I get started with LeadsGO - Leads Collector?
  • Download the LeadsGO App to your mobile (both Android and iOS supported) OR use Web version.
  • Open the mobile App or goto LeadsGO SignUp (web version), and "Sign Up" for a new account (or create user).
  • When you have signed up for an account, you will get an e-mail from LeadsGO with an activation link - click that link.
  • Your new user is now active and you can Sign In to LeadsGO (mobile or web app).
  • The LeadsGO mobile App allows you to register new leads and view all your collected leads (you can also give feedback on app).
For users already created on the account (can be done by importing Excel file in account config) you can just download and sign in to the solution; check with your account owner for details.

 How do I share my leads in LeadsGO?
Sharing of leads is basically done by adding them to a bucket.
  • Sign In to the LeadsGO mobile app or goto LeadsGO Zone with the following link LeadsGO SignIn.
  • Web: Open the Leads Collector and click on "View Own Leads" (My Leads).
  • Mobile: Click on "View My Leads".
  • Select (click on) lead and then click on "Edit" (Select from drop-down "Send To").
  • Press save.
  • The owner of the bucket get's the lead in their "Leads" board and can decide to "Accept" or "Reject" the opportunity. If the opportunity is rejected you can assign (send) it to somebody else, or if it is accepted the ownership is transferred to the bucket account (you can still track status and progress).
 Forms and Drop-Downs etc. does not work and/or has strange behaviour - what can I do?
  • Try Clearing the "Cookies and other site and plug-in data - restart browser (in Chrome under "Settings", "Advanced Settings", "Clear browsing data..."); alt. select all entries and press "Clear browsing data...".
  • If that does not work, try restarting the device (after having done above).
  • If things are still acting strange contact us at contactus.aspx.

 Why do you need all these accesses to the mobile (when installing the apps)?
When installing the LeadsGO the program is asking for a number of permissions to use specific parts of your mobile. Below see an overview of which once and why it is needed.
  • Identity, uses one or more of accounts on the device, profile data. This is needed in order to identify device's account for Google Plus functionality (sign in using Google and FB).
  • Photos / Media / Files. This is needed (access gallery) for photo selection in register lead page.
  • Camera, Uses the device's camera(s). This is needed (access camera) for photo capturing in register lead page.
  • Wi-Fi connection information, allows the app to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and names of connected Wi-Fi devices. This is needed for internet connectivity via Wi-Fi for API calls.
  • Device ID & call information, allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active and the remote number is connected by a call. This is needed for Push notifications.

 What is a bucket?
Buckets are the mechanism used by the Collectors to share a lead with an account (a Company). A bucket is also a collection of 0 or more leads, they are used to group and collect opportunities and leads.

 How do I get access to Buckets?
You will by default (if you are linked to an account) get access to all buckets on that account; if you are not on an account use below given description.
  • Sign In to the LeadsGO Zone with the following link LeadsGO SignIn.
  • Open the Leads Collector and click on "Search buckets".
  • Enter a search criteria and press "Go!".
  • In the list, select the desired bucket and press "Request Access".
  • A message is created and is sent to the bucket owner, he/she can decide to accept or reject the request.
  • If the bucket owner accepts the request, you will have access to it and the bucket will appear as an option in the drop-down "Assign to bucket...".
In addition to the account buckets (if you are assigned to an account), you will get access to the default buckets for all accounts on the portfolio your account is associated with.

 What is the difference between buckets with Scope "User Level" and "Account Level"?
  • When you create a new bucket (or change an existing) you have to define scope - default is "Account Level".
  • If you set bucket to Scope "Account Level" it means that all leads that are associated with this bucket only will show up as leads on that account (regradless of signed in user).
  • If you set bucket to Scope "User Level" it means that all leads that are associated with this bucket will follow the signed in user accross any account.

 How do I change my user password?
The password for your user can be changed in any of these 4 ways,
  • Mobile App: If you are not signed in, you can click on the password change icon (Pwd?) and enter you e-mail adr - an e-mail with details will be sent tou you (you have to click on link in this e-mail to reset password and active user again).
  • Mobile App: If you are signed in to the mobile app and click on cog-icon in top right (title bar). Then click on "Change Password" link, just above "Sign Out" button in info. screen.
  • Web Solution: Sign in to web solution at leadsgo.com and press the "User Config >> User" menu on the top of the left-side menu, enter password (repeat) and press "Save".
  • Request New: Click on the "Request New User Password" in the sign in page (an e-mail will be sent to you with more details when pressing 'Send' - user has to be reactivated after this); you can also go directly to this link request_password.aspx.
 How do I add a user to an account?
This can only be done by users with 'account role',
  1. Sign into solution https://www.leadsgo.com/signin.aspx (or if already signed in goto home page leadsgo.com/zone).
  2. On the left-side Menu select "Account >> Users"; you will then be taken to the account users page; to add user click on button "Add" (you can also import from CSV file by pressing "Import").
  3. Fill in Name, E-Mail and Mobile - select Role and Type, and press 'Save'; if user already exists it will be associated with account and if it is a new user (e-mail does not exist in LeadsGO) the user will be created and associated with the account.
 What kind of user roles exists and what permissions follow that role?
There are 4 type of user roles: user, office, account, admin. The permission logic is as follows,
  • User (created by the user in mobile or web app) gives you access to collector and actions (qualification and sales) - but is not linked to an account (will not show up as user on account) and does not get access to any buckets (has to request it).
  • User (created by an account holder inside web app) - same as above, but gives you access to account (will show up as user on account) and all associated buckets.
  • Office (can only be created inside web app) gives you the same access as the user and in addition the Office/Clearing functionality.
  • Account (can only be created inside web app) gives you the same access as the office and in addition the Account management (config) functionality.
  • Admin (can only be created inside web app) gives you access to all functionality as Account (if you are registered on the account) and to Admin panel for system.
When looking at the users for a given account you will only see the users that are created on the account and not the users that has only been granted access to a bucket on that account.

 How do I import users from an Excel sheet?
This is done through the following steps,
  1. Open the Excel sheet in Excel and "Save AS" *.csv file (Comma Separated File).
  2. Sign-In to your LeadsGO Account and Open "Account >> Users" and click on button "Import".
  3. Step 1) Click on button "Open File..." (looks like an Inbox) and select the CSV you created (make sure you select the right separator "Comma" or "Semilcolon" prior to opening the file).
  4. Step 2) Set the "Name", "EMail" and "Mobile" column and select the "Role" and "Start Row" (if there are headings, the start row would be 2).
  5. Click on "View" to see that your selections were correct (nothing will be saved to the database, just viewing)
  6. If it looks correct click on "Save", if not redo step 2. When "Save" is pressed LeadsGO will process the file and create users for the lines in the file
If First and Last name are in separate columns, merge them into one (create new column and concatinate New Cell=B12&" "&C12).
This import can be done as many times as you want, if users exist (e-mail is the unique key) in LeadsGO it will update name and mobile. Users that should be removed has to be deleted 1by1.
At the end of the import you will get a summary of the import.

 How do I delete a user in LeadsGO?
This is done through the following steps,
  1. Sign-In to your LeadsGO Account and Open "Account >> Users".
  2. Enter the name (or email) of the person (you can also enter parts ex. "peder" looking for all users containing "peder" in name or email) you want to delte in "Filter", "Search for (text)" and press "Apply".
  3. The hits will be displayed in the frame to the left, for the user in question press "x" in top right corner and confirm
When "Delete" of a user is done the user will be removed from the account but will stil exist as a stand-alone user in LeadsGO i.e. the user can still see their leads and can use ex. the Collector, but will not have access to any account information, functionality or buckets.

 How do I activate a user?
A user can have 4 statuses (new, val or active, hold and invite) - in order for a user to sign into LeadsGO it has to be activated.
Activation of a user can be done in a number of ways,
  • By the user in the Collector App. On the Sign-In page click "Activate". Enter your e-mail (user name in LeadsGO) and press "Send". An e-mail will be sent with instructions (and a link) to activate user.
  • By the user on the Web (LeadsGO.Com). On the Sign-In page click on "Re-Send User Activation E-Mail", fill out the form and press "Send". An e-mail will be sent with instructions (and a link) to activate user.
  • By Account Administrator on the Web (LeadsGO.Com). Goto "Account >> Users" and search for specific user, if status != active a "Start/Activate" icon will appear on the user card, click on it to activate user.
To see all none-active users on account, goto "Account >> Users" and select "Find..." from Browser menu (or CTRL+F) and search for ex. "new" (or "invite", "hold").


 How do I open a report from the e-mail sent to me?
The link is pointing to a CSV file (comma separated file). Right click on the link in the e-mail and select "Save link as..." (remember where you save it).
You can then open the CSV file either using Google Drive and Sheets or Excel (can also be opened in other programs like open office etc.)

Open it in Google Drive as follows,
  1. Open Google Drive and choose "File upload", select the CSV file and press "Open".
  2. Right click the file in Google Drive and select "Open with", "Google Sheets".
  3. The Data will then be opened correctly in separate columns in Sheets.
Open it in Excel as follows,
  1. Open Excel and choose open file (can also go through Data import), select filter "All files" and open the CSV file.
  2. Excel then starts the Text Import Wizard.
  3. Select data type "Delimited", and in the next step select comma "," as the delimiter.
  4. Press next and then "Finish".
  5. It should open fine with the different fields in the right columns (as you see in the browser preview).
There are also other ways of opening this - for your information, here are a couple of links:


Below see an overview of release notes from LeadsGO.