What if all your employees could generate sales - without selling? And why not leverage your strongest supporters, your best customers or your extended network?

Sales is about Relationships: Everybody can contribute!

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What is LeadsGO?

  LeadsGo is a Leads Management Solution that is tailor made for Social-and Network Sales, with primary focus on Creation and Collection of leads.

  The solution portfolio (consisting of web and mobile apps) is fun and intuitive to use, and enables your supporters, network and relationships to generate more sales revenue.

  LeadsGO also have strong functionality for Lead Sharing and Qualification in addition to Lead Sales, Closing.

  You can easily integrate LeadsGO with an existing CRM if you would like to use that for Leads Sales, Closing

How does LeadsGO Work?

LeadsGO is all about generating more sales revenue by getting Everybody involved in Collecting high Quality Leads - and this is how it works,

  1. Employees and Network of people (Collectors) installs the LeadsGO app on their mobile
  2. The Collectors gather leads when they interact/collaborate with their network/relationships and registers them in the app
  3. When the collector commit their leads they are automatically routed to the right resources for Qualification, Cultivation and Sales
  4. LeadsGO is closing the loop by providing gaming mechanisms to generate rewards for the Collectors of leads
  How LeadsGO Works (2.5 min. Video)

Why LeadsGO?

LeadsGO enables you to maintain Organic Growth over time with limited investments.

LeadsGO is pupose-built for the new buyer behaviour - Socializing and Networking their way to decisions.

LeadsGO solves the increasing issue of Low Quality leads by leveraging the value of relationsships as the key component in Sales.

LeadsGO enables all employees to be involved in value generation without needing to sell.

The LeadsGO solution has been in use by multinational companies for several years, and has gone through rigorous security testing by an independent 3. party (https://www.pentestpartners.com, summer 2020).

  Why LeadsGO (1.5 min. Video)